Monday, March 9, 2009

Lil Wayne Rocks BFS.....

He was caught wearing a BFS Tee lmao, We finally got him to agree..... lol
Yo "This Weezy, Get your Tee & Crew at The BlackFlag Shoppe ya Digg" 
_Lil Wayne 


Anonymous said...

You mother fuckers are wild
O must of been bent when he did this
jeezy aka bandana

Paterson NJ said...

LMAOOOO lil wayne rokin black flag
yeah right i rok black flag
school 24 bitch lol

Anonymous said...

WOW! this pic was photoshopped
hes not really wearing this

look at this, this is the real pic

thats pretty, stupid that bf would do this. to make it seem lil weezy wore your shitrs WOW!

BlackFlag Shoppe said...

LMAO HAAA Love your comment anonymous, although you failed to catch the sarchasm all throughout that post.... we thought it was funny and we feel If we can't have fun doing what we love WHY do it, sooo..... Yes it was photoshop, really though, a Sucka Mc wearing his own Sucka MC shirt come on? lol so for those who believed it April FOOL!!
Thanks Anonymous for being a fan and for checkin the Blizzyyy ... keep checking maybe we'll have another one of Americas favorite rapper wearing BFS!!