Monday, March 23, 2009

In The News........

Method Man's 2008 Lincoln Navigator was reportedly repossessed this week.
According to The New York Post, Meth had failed to pay $52,503 in personal income taxes and repo men snatched his shit on Wednesday (March 18) at 6 a.m. from his Staten Island home.
Damn homie, Should have diversify your bonds.... Remember Wu Tang Financial??
posted by RNN of BFS


Marina said...

Hey guys! I just finally found your card and wanted to leave you lots of LOVE! This is Marina Vorobyev-Publicist for Wutang Latino! We met at the Art event in Rutherford. I can't wait to visit your store soon and buy some awesome clothes! Keep in touch and email me at or

BlackFlag Shoppe said...

Thanks Marina.... Looking forward to The visit!!
Hope To See You Soon....
O & L