Monday, March 2, 2009

FunShoot Continued.....

The continuation of The FunShoot we had at the Shoppe.....
Shout out to all the homies and lil duns that were so down for the Cause!! A spur of the moment photo session that attracted many of the local supporters.... More Pics up Soon!

Tee by The BlackFlag Shoppe

Plaid Flannel by Peace Denim co., Orisue Jeans, Mishka fitted

Sucka Mc Crew By The BlackFlag Shoppe,Crooks & Castle Fitted, Nike "J's"

Bless The Real crew by The BlackFlag Shoppe, Cheap Monday Jeans, Supreme Cap,Belt by Crooks & Castle, And DQM Nike Blazers

Show & Prove Crew by The BlackFlag Shoppe,Levis, DC Fitted, Adidas on his Feet

Lil Richie Rich Rocking Tee by The BlackFlag Shoppe

Lil Homie Rocking Tee by The BlackFlag Shoppe

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