Friday, May 23, 2008

Corp Cartel x BlackFlag Shoppe

This week "Corp Cartel" from Washington Hts. NYC  Came through to chop it up with the BFS krew. If you are on top of your mix CD game and are in the know, then you will agree that these dudes need no introduction, they been blazing the Hts. with that New Single " Fresh " Available now 0n Itunes ! This group of  three are "Jay Wise","Chaos", and "Da Kid Montana" who was M.I.A. for this sit down ... But well represented by his Krew!

While adding to their arsenal of fresh kicks and fresh gear, we decided to pick the brains of this up and coming trio, In 2007 the group won the nyc underground hip hop award for best Latin group. Growing up listening to all Catagories of music such as Hip Hop, Latin, House, and Freestyle its know wonder their productions has such range! Watching and listening to Corp Cartel  you will def get the sense that they are knowledgeable and progressive in the Streetwear scene Shouting out several of their favorite brands in some of their music , that being said they also noted that " they are not brand chasers and consider themselves trendsetters and will rock anything they deem HOTT! 

The groups early  influences are Slick Rick, NWA, Ice Cube, Biggie Jay Z & Nas!
They are now bringing their own interpration of Hip hop to the Scene!
Current Influences are Lupe Fiasco , Kanye West , Pharell , just to name a few!

The Group feels that producers  Timberland and Premo would best complement their style!
When asked who they consider Hip Hop Legends , much to my liking they hit me with Ralph McDaniels , and Kool Herc!! Both on the top of the list if you ask me!! 

The group has a progressive & fun vibe, they credit their outlook on life by stepping out of there Washington Hts neighborhood and  traveling and seeing new places, all While giving a glimpse of their NYC Lifestyle to places abroad. This has helped them appreciate, mature and broaden there view on life and music. 

Next up for the group is a play that's debuting in Dubai called Taste Of New York (T.O.N.Y) it's based on the experiences growing up in Washington Hts. 

The group also has a non profit/public relations company called Team Mile High, upcoming plans for Team Mile High include a fashion shoot with European magazine "First" with performances in Miami along with the Stop the Violence & Save the Kids movement/ performances coming soon to St.Mary's Park in the Bronx. They are also working on a Site called ,We will keep you posted as to Dates and Locations to some of their upcoming events ! For more info on Corp Cartel be sure to visit 
Email @ 

We at BlackFlag would also like to thank Jay Wise,Chaos, Kid Montana for always showing love and support, taking that trip from across the waters , from our old stomping grounds to the new ones ... doin it since 02 ... its with love and support like this ... that keeps us battling forward waving the BlackFlag and shittin on the White Flag!!  

Stay tuned for the Corp Cartel BlackFlag Collab !! 




Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On the road again?

Yea! That’s right we at Black Flag are hitting the road. The weathers getting right to pull out the two wheel machines. That’s right I’m talking about bike cycles. Bikes & bike culture are part of BFK’s Lifestyle. From dirt jumping track racing BMX the messenger/Hipster fixed gear (look ma no breaks) To LA style low rider chromed out bikes. Bikes and this lifestyle go hand & hand they have been here from day one there kind of the skateboards younger brother who all ways wanted to tag along and has now come into there own. With brands like Animal, and the rare Shadow Conspiracy x Invisible Man BMX. And brands like OBEY x FUJI teaming up to create a fixed gear bike that takes the old school designs of a 100 year company with specialized parts and designs by Obey and TRACKSTAR out in NYC doing some amazing Fixed gear bikes with 80’s BMX color schemes (WOW) and there’s no arguing that the chromed out low riders and the 3 wheel tri-cycle style with the attention to detail showing that west coast flavor(LA)
Medicated Genius For BFS !

Old Skool P.K. Ripper.

The homies from around the way!

Shadow Conspiracy x Invisible Man BMX

Animal Team Showing BFS Some Love.

OBEY x FUJI. Fixed Gear,

BFS Shop Bike.

TrackStar. Fixed Gear.

Orale ! That West Coast Flavor Ese !

Visit The Blackflag Shoppe for Animal,Shadow Conspiracy, and more!!