Friday, March 13, 2009

éS Skate Crew Robbed At Gunpoint In Lima, Peru

Yo This Shit is Crazy.....

So... Imagine you're in Lima, Peru minding your own business, doing a skate tour and trying to film some tricks in a seemingly unsketchy area your local international flow rider takes you to. You've got two filmers, a photographer, the web dude, five team riders and everyone's skating, filming, taking photos, doing their jobs and having a good time. Then some local kid who's walking home from school sees the action and sits down next to one of the filmers (Mike Manzoori) for a chat. And in the background, lurking in the shadows is some dude in a striped blue shirt.

Then, unsuspectingly, while no one else in the crew is watching, the striped shirt lurker creeps up on Manzoori and the kid, pulls a gun, shoves it in Manzoori's face and grabs the video camera. Like a cartoon...the kid gets up and runs so fast that one of his shoes falls off his foot and is left on the scene. Manzoori lays face down on the ground to get away from the gun. Just at this very moment, a black Toyota Yaris comes down the street toward the thief who's running away from Manzoori, to the car, brand-new free high def video camera in hand.

Just when you think its over it get worse, See What happens Next ..... A MUST SEE
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Anonymous said...

peruvians try to do me in

NN said...

I guess I'm not going back to Peru to see family anytime soon..LOL