Friday, July 16, 2010

R.I.P. Will Ortiz

Damnn, found out this morning that one of our homies passed away. only 14 yrs old I used to tease him and tell him I will hire him to satnd behind me with out smiling. But that was impossible as Big Will Always kept a Smile on his Face. You will be missed big homie. R.I.P. Will Ortiz. He leaves behind a bunch of friends who loved him very much.

Our Condolences to the Ortiz Family.

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Nuni x33 said...

Omqq , I Cant Beliieve He Acatually Gone ! Liike Will && Me Was Famiily , We Knew Eachother For 8 Years . We Were In Orchestra Together , Went To Dha Same Schools , Hadd Dha Same Classes && Liiked Dha Same Thinqs . Dayymn Menqq , Y Dha Good Gotta Die So Younq . He Had A Future Ahead Of Him . It Wasnt His Time To Go Pero St. Joesph's Juss Had To Put Him To Sleep && Give Him Hella Medicine For No Reason . I Didnt Even Get To Chill W. Him For Dha Last Time . Life Aint Fair Brahh ! IFLY BIG WILL , YOUR DHA LIGHT ON LAKEVIEW ; && YOUR SOUL WILL BE FOREVER W. US !!! YOU WILL BE MISSED BY ALL && DEFINATLLY NEVER FORGOTTEN !!!
-Maritza Santiago (Nuni x33 .}