Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hearty Magazine X Black Milk.......

Hearty Magazine Features:
Producer Black Milk has managed to make his way from the Detroit underground to tour around the world and produce for big names like Busta Rhymes and Slum Village. Yet, when people list their favorite producers, Black Milk isn’t on that list as much as he’d like to be. A self-described producer first, MC second, Black Milk started making music when he was in high school in Detroit. Now 25, it seems like he’s been in the game longer than he has and has gained some serious nods from both hip hop fans and industry authorities. He gleams when he talks about how he’s heard his idol, legend Jay Dilla, rapping over his beats. A young, laid-back dude with an old-school vibe, his production style incorporates electro sounds with a hard bass, suitably repping the Slum Village and Phat Cat circle. In 2007, he released Popular Demand, which earned him the label of ‘next big thing’ and his most recent album, Tronic, received similarly good reviews. But he’s still pushing forward.
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