Thursday, August 5, 2010

DJ Neil Armstrong | The Blackflag Shoppe | Music Re Stock

Back from DJing all around the world, DJ Neil Armstrong pays BFS a visit. Re stocking the shop with some of the illest cd's in the game, such as "Original" remastered,"2original", "Sweet" 1 & 2, Filthy and more. During his visit he picked up a few goodies along the way, including this Limited Edition BFS "REP YOUR CITY" Deck. As always we welcome the visit, not to mention its always great conversation!! Shout out to his dog Poe who also frequents the shoppe, Neils says"Poe doesn't befriend just anyone, But seems to like you all", its nice to know even Poe is down with BFS.

Be sure to visit for sample listening.

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