Wednesday, January 27, 2010

GOMMI ARCADE – Episode I: Welcome to Neo Tokio

Welcome to the Future (未来へようこそ) – GOMMI ARCADE presents a sneak peek into the brave new world of Neo Tokio in the year 2025. The saga begins with the limited edition ‘future-shock’ zub timepiece, created in collaboration with the futurist fashion brand Nooka, a time manipulation device worn by Gommi in our special edition manga comic series brought out into the human world, which will be followed by various other creative projects scheduled for release throughout 2010.

Here’s a preview of what we have in store:

Title: GOMMI ARCADE – Episode I: Welcome to Neo Tokio

Written by: Zak Hoke

Genre(s): Utopian, Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, Young Adult Graphic Novel, Anime (Japanese animation), Manga (Japanese comics)

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