Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Certified Not One to F-With!!!!!

Certified Decks ain't nothing to Fuck with. With that being said Certified Skateboards dropped a FUCK SUPREME wood not too long ago. The buzz on the streets about this deck is crazy not to mention the demand for it !! Most industry dudes would say that's a bold move but Jon of Certified is not most dudes!! Kickin it with the homie for awhile you will def get the sense of his work ethics and the passion he has for his Company and what he believes in.... he also gets political and hits you with an Obama (Out For Presidents) teeBANGER.. a great way to get the youth involved. BFS CERTIFIED ..... Certified Decks & Tee Shirts available at BlackFlag Shoppe. Real Talk with Jon and Certified Riders to Follow! stay tuned!