Sunday, July 6, 2008

25 Years of Video Music Box ....!

Seems Like Yesterday ........ Ralph McDaniels Celebrates 25yrs of Video Music Box ....I had the Honor of meeting Uncle Ralph Back in 03 when we did The CAS Puerto Rican Day Parade in Paterson, we had Nore, Gemstar & Big Mato, Bobby Trends, and The whole Video Music Box Krew on our float ! WOW .... Shout out to Ray Dijon,and the Airwear Family! I was extremely impressed with Ralph, this guy is a hip hop Icon to me , he was the realest down to earth dude, which made him that more impressive , I used to run home from School to catch the box that rocks @ 3:30pm everyday ... no remote control t.v. , I had to turn that botton dial from spanish station 41 or 47 (wow Mom dukes love u) and that sound of that bottom knob Haa...... If you've done this, then you would appreciate the sound of that knob going from 47 to 31 to get the Latest and greatest Videos of early hip hop !! VMB put faces to the music we were listening to, we no longer had to imagine what these guys looked like, we got to see Raw footage of hoods all across the tri-state, and Videos like, Nucleus "jam on it" Jonzon crew "pac jam" The Furious Five, Africa Bambatta , Worlds Famous Supreme Team, Rocksteady Krew ,UtFo, Whistle, Juice krew, and BDP The list goes on , and Ralph was there! Not to mention he Produced and Directed some of your favorite video's This guy needs a book deal ASAP if not already in the works....? I Just thought some of you may appreciate this and those who are not in the Know and claim to Love Hip Hop ... Uncle Ralph McDaniels would be a great place to Start !!
Yo Ralph Thanks for keeping in touch and for being You !!
Peace O

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