Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fresh Ideas Fresher Gear

Fresh Ideas Fresher Gear
New Jersey 08

Black Flag is not just a Hip Hop, Skate/bike, Urban, or your run of the Mall store. You can expect to see much more then that, such as Books, artwork , music , ect. BlackFlag offer a style and flare for those who want to stand out and apart from the norm. Keeping tables stocked with fresh goods on a daily basis. The owners/operators are as diverse as the customers who walk through the door. We provide an eclectic environment for open or like minded people in the know to meet & express one another's views of our lifestyle culture in a free setting.We at Black Flag pride our self on bringing you the next brand or item before it becomes that next featured hype, As with most shops we too have our favorite brick and mortar brands.Like O' said "if our customers are familiar with all our brands then we're not doing our job".Black Flag is the creation of Les & Omar. The super couple who brought you City All Stars out in Paterson NJ.(Yea that Bastard child to the five boros) Building on there long & Steady Success with CAS. They stepped out and came Sideway with Black Flag. Giving there customers a new way to look & think about the lifestyle culture they love...... Medicated Genius!
_James aka Cazal87_

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