Wednesday, April 16, 2008

BlackFlag X Kultjah Lab ... showin love in CT.

The BlackFlag Boyz piled up in a 15 pass. van this passed Sunday and headed east to Norwalk Ct,  ,with Decks in hand we met up with the guys from Kultjahlab Skate/lifestyle shop, Building 14 skate team, and the pro team Hoodlum skate team For a day of skate and friendly competition. The day was good a bit breezy considering the skate park is parallel to the shores of Norwalk Ct.with no rain in sight and a lot of skating ready to pop off the Hoodlum skateboard team wasted no time blessing the goers with a demo.
There were a lot of skaters on hand to enjoy the days activities. The BF Krew was victorious at the intermediate level in a game of s-k-a-t-e (Marquan of Clifton,Nj took 1st place) and Paul aka "Pimping Paul" also of Clifton Nj came in a very close and  well fought 2nd place both guys reppin Blackflag to the fullest!! We also cant forget to mention "Q" who took 1st place Reppin Klab/Building 14 skate team this kid is NICE ..... Overall it was a great turn out, i also got the chance to get the crowd rocking when Jahn of Klab took a break off the Onez &Twoz and handed over the headset so I can get my zigga zigga On 
Thanks for all those who came to repp the BlackFlag shoppe
Paul, Mike,Tim,Vic, Carlos, JHood, Marquan, JWiz, Inches,Flip,Brandon, Matt, Medicated genius, Boss Lady Les , O ... and those who followed in thier own whips ...... 
stay tuned for future Events !!  BlackFlag ... never waving the white flag!
                            Yes sir ... a day of fun .... on the come up !!

                             Kultjah Lab FAMILY! thanks 4 All

                                          Que reppin BLDG14 

                          Marquan aka Bomb lol !

                                  Pimpin Paul  

                     Mike droppin in !!! Great session bro!

                                   Kool V hard flip off the Bench

                     Tim so Focused !       J-Hood Grinding !

                         Hoodlum Skate team doin it up !!

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