Friday, April 18, 2008

Blackwork Tattoo Studio

Here is a person I believe is a little too underground (I never thought I'd hear me say that) we all know how I feel about the mainstream , but with the talent I know This guy has, he should def get all the recognition he deserves, I think his work should be In art Galleries across the globe...... as you know I am Lifestyle shop, walk into BF and you will get the feel on how much I love and respect the lifestyle. What most people don't know is that I used to run the streets with Ses in the early 80's, not to blow up our age and shit , but he was def a huge reason why I fell in love with the "Lifestyle " Graff, B-Boying ,Hustling, Biking , Skating , and Djing , we did it all .... I watched and at times helped erect these huge pieces of art from paper to wall and everything in between, its nothing this guy didn't bomb lol as time went on and bombing became a little harder and Haters from other areas of our town started to point fingers and the boys in blue knew exactly who we were , we had to express the love for this game in other ways.... so he started tatting all of the homies on the block for free, and in no time at all he had a list of people wanting to get some art done  ... 10 yrs later he's still going strong , along the way he opened doors for alot a dudes in this game , some will admitt that and some wont ... you know how that is!  I just wanted to let people know a little about SES ONE ..... the dude is nice... Not a tattooist, which in some cases Is having a steady hand and having the ability to trace ... He's a tattoo Artist, check out some of the pics ..... stay tune as I will be heading to a tattoo convention  in Philly some time today ...  BF will keep you posted on some of the Kool stuff im sure to run into .... enjoy The PICS !!! 
BLACKWORK TATTOOS x BLACKFLAG CALLABO In The works ... watch out for that !
ZEE BF Krew !        
                                        Me & SES 

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