Monday, November 1, 2010

HellRaiser Skate Jam | Halloween Weekend Re Cap

Ok, So we almost didn't make this one, thankfully my brother from another mother made it to work on time (hehe) to help hold down the shop. Again, thankfully we were able to attend this 3rd Annual Roof Top Jam presented by Vans "Off the Wall", who also held a fire ball eating contest at their booth for free goodies, that was fun to watch. Unfortunately BFS couldn't stay for the whole event, but I was able to capture what this event is all about. Skaters, Vendors, and Enthusiast from all over came through in support.Not sure how it turned out but I'm sure the best Man won, and I think/hope Tyrone Biggums won best costume? Seen Below haa He nailed it.

Shout to all the homies we caught up with.

Check out some of the Pics



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