Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Re_Cap | Shaun White

Professional Snowboarder & Skateboarder Shaun White visits BFS, Well not really, Clifton resident Linda stopped in a few days before Halloween to buy stickers that she would need to make her homemade snowboard complete. When she told us what she was going to be we asked if she would stop back in so that we can get a first look of her costume, lol and we gotta say she nailed it. Great Job.

Judge for yourselves, A special thanks to Shaun, I mean Linda for stopping by. ;)


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Linda said...

Hi Guys - Thanks for posting this and the phone call today! : ) Despite the crooked helmet (what's up with THAT?) and the white bandana covering too much of that famous red hair, I gotta say, I was pretty excited about my "costume"! Thanks for being a part of it with the stickers! You guyz are so cool!