Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rocky Dennis Tour | Blackflag Shoppe

Last night was simply Dope. We had EMCEE's from all over, A huge shout out to The Grizzly State Team "Rocky Dennis Tour" a gifted bunch of individuals who blessed the Shoppe with their talent. Once again I'd like to thank all The Artist NOBS & DEZ, EDUCATED CONSUMERS, DEAL THE VILLAIN, TIMMY WIGGINS, DANIEL JOSEPH, DJ MENTPLUS, DJ EMOH, "partyboobytrap", and especially everyone who attended making it one HELL OF A NIGHT!!, Greatly Appreciated!!
To more good times... CHEERS.

Special Guest Shout outs, Peace Denim co. Chainsaws & Jelly. Vicer Photo. WORXlife. The 9th St Parlor. Multitude Skateboards. Black45. Tom Vayianos. Nine Leaves. Brainstorm CL.Com and Special shout out to ALL our Supporters!!


DJ Mentplus


Educated Consumers

Timmy Wiggins


Daniel Joseph


Deal The Villain

1 comment:

Josh DeHonney said...

damn dez and nobs kill ish---
Dwight Gooden is dope!!
sorry I missed it.