Saturday, May 9, 2009

So NICE We Did It TWICE.....

Portuguese Tavarn in Clifton......,Lunch at BFS was so good Thursday we decided to do it again on Friday,So The great folks of The Portuguese Tavern hooked it up when they found out we'd blasted them on our blog.... So we're trying to get another free tray lol YUP .....
The Best eatery in Clifton lol that should do it ;)
The Portuguese Tavern
Crooks Ave
Clifton NJ 07011
Tell'em BFS sent you and get your FREE tray Today! lol



sam said...

damn i gotta be up there when yall eat

JoeBaronDesign said...

Hell yea. That's some good food. I think I may go over there and get that for lunch today. Yum Yum