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"Rocky Dennis Tour" Review | Educated Consumers | BFS

Educated Consumers Writes:

We recently rocked a few east coast dates with our good friends Dez & Nobs and Timmy Wiggins. Not that we ever need a reason to eat at Denny's 8 days in a row, but said rocking was in celebration of the new Dez & Nobs album "Rocky Dennis" which will be available via Grizzly State on May 4, 2010.


Before I get into the wrap-up, I'd like to thank all of the people who helped us get the ball rolling and then tumbled down the hill with us. We are fortunate that there are too many people to name individually, but hopefully those helpful homeys know who they are. No, not you, Mitch. Yes, you, Virak.

March 12 @ The BlackFlag Shoppe in Clifton, NJ
Very similar to the Raleigh show in that I wasn't sure what to expect, but was absolutely blown away by the hospitality of our hosts and the quality of the show.

BlackFlag Shoppe is real HipHop. It's a self-made, self-run, DIY Lifestyle/Skate shop. Real to the core. They welcomed us from the moment we walked in even though Nobs was with us. CALM DOWN NOBSTER CLAW, YOU KNOW I LAHVYA. But yeah, Omar and his wife helped us set up our merch and created an inviting atmosphere.

There was no stage and we were rocking at eye-level with a crowd of about 50 people packed into the store. There were several acts I'd never seen before, including Daniel Joseph who was pretty sick. I opened my with what I thought was a pretty good joke: "I don't usually feel comfortable at skate shops because I was never nice on a board and I dress like a kid who's mother buys clothes from a Sear's catalog, but I'm a pothead and my music is pretty cool." From there, it was the usual wordy raps over jazzy beats.

Dez's set was the best I'd ever seen him do. That's saying something considering I've seen him perform about 4 billion times now. It was a combination of his brother being present, all the emotions of being on the road combined with what's going on in his personal life, and this CRAZY purple drink some dude had in the back room. I think it was Sangria in a plastic bottle. I did not drink any. Anyway, my point is Dez has successfully passed one of the unwritten checkpoints in indierap: develop a niche audience. Dez has a very specific type of fan now. I personally see and hear the mass appeal in his music, but noticed that good-natured braniacs shelled inside a gruff take-no-shit exterior gravitate to Dez and find a comforting knee to the groin in his personality. He's going to become a very popular MC at some point because of these fans.

However, he's a fucking handful when drunk and it took forever to get him in the car so we could leave. Damn Sangria in a plastic bottle.

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