Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hip Hop At The Inauguration...........

Shout out to Neil Armstrong, One of the Illest DJ on the Scene, most notably for being Jay Zs' DJ', but early followers will know him for his mixtapes, The Filthy Series was and still is one of the illest....... Well now he will be at President Elect Obama's inauguration. He said,"Well, I recently got the news that the world of DJING, the world of Hip Hop is going to bring me to a place that I have never dreamed of.
Next week, I will be backing up Jay-z on the 1’s and 2’s with the Roc boys, as the WORLD ushers in the inauguration of President Obama. I get to contribute a small part to one of the most historic events in our lifetime. I get to DJ and bring that aspect of the culture I love, that has given me my life - and share it at one of the greatest world events that will be forever remembered."
-Neil Armstrong
Check him out!!


Mira said...

2 original is my number one mixtape.

Sending love from the -8 degrees weather in Canada!!

BlackFlag Shoppe said...

Hey Mira,
Thanks for The check in..... The 2 original has been in heavy rotation at the shoppe since day One!!
Sending back some love from the Not so cold but yet COLD NJ!!